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Pastry Chef Yesenia Portes

Yesenia Portes discovered her love for pastries and art of cooking at the tender age of Nine. Growing up in New York was challenging at times. Yesenia’s mother, who was a legal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, Spent a lot of time away from home in order to provide for her and her sisters. As a result Yesenia had to stay home and care for her siblings. Her grandfather built her a stool and taught her the basics of cooking. It was that image from her past that instilled the passion for the art of culinary. Growing up in Long Island, New York family outings were always limited due to her mothers very busy work schedule. One of the most memorable moments she can remember as a child was going to the supermarket with her family and getting fresh produce at the local market. Yesenia would be able to pick out Fruits and Vegetable and she would feel such joy doing this. After spending the past 18 years being a military wife and a mother of two children Yesenia finally decided to put her dream at forefront. Yesenia Graduated Gross Bonnet Culinary Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii In December 2010. Earning a Pastry Chef certification Degree. She attended the Honolulu Hawaii Dessert Fantasy in 2010 and won alongside her team, first place for best taste. Yesenia has always been able to not only put her own spin on existing recipes adding that latin twist to all her recipes. Her specialties are 'endless and fearless" words from Chef Barry Yodo her Chef professor . Upon completions of a paid  internship in Hilton Hawaiian Village, In Honolulu, Hawaii, Yesenia decided to take a leap and start her own small bakery from home. She wanted to be able to care for her family but also do what she loved. She received one order after another and before she knew it, her calendar was booked, six month in advanced. Has her small business was booming Yesenia's Husband received Military orders to relocated to North Carolina in 2013. Upon arriving she felt defeated and just wanted to grow professionally in her own career. As she waited for the right time, as she battled with depression and anxiety, she decided to launch back into her career. Her husbands having a very demanding career at times being on her own raising their kids, has her husband was rapidly deploying. She went ahead and decided to wait for an opportunity to arise. She began to work in cooperate America. As time passed she could not find the happiness she found in the kitchen. After lots of thought she decided to follow her dream again and this time  specialize in what she believes was a huge market in her area. She knew that if she was not able to find a job in her field and that this market in her area was open for opportunity. She would take that leap. She decided to bake from home again but this time specializing in one item one that she saw a huge vision and opportunity, she wanted to make Gourmet Cupcakes with a twist of her latin roots. She updated her business Facebook page and set a launch date to open March 2018. Yesenia began baking a daily menu posting on Facebook Page and sharing it with her community six month into her launch she Purchased a Concession Trailer with a goal of launching it spring of 2020. She continues to work hard to make her dream her reality. Yesenia has over 85+ flavors of cupcakes and over 6000K followers on Facebook and continues to grow her Instagram page. Yesenia is truly humbled by the local community support she receives. She believes one can achieve any dream you just have to work hard and believe in yourself. We have relocated our Bakery to Summerville SC

"Never Stop trying, never stop believing, never give up."

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