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Spreading Sweet Love was founded in 2021. With many historical events happening all over the U.S from thousands dying from the pandemic to shootings and hatred being spread on news outlets and social media. I truly believe this should be put to an end. After much thought, I, Yesenia Portes, owner of Sinful Decadence LLC., want to make a positive change. By sending a sweet box of our cookies to those you may or may not know. To someone in the office, a healthcare professional, first responder, an essential workers, your neighbor, or co-worker. Spreading sweet love is about taking a few minutes out of your day and sending someone a box of cookies start giving back. Its been proven that sweets give anyone a burst of energy. A memory of your childhood, or it can take you to a favorite happy place. Our goal is to donate part of the proceeds from all boxes sold to our local community to give back.You can purchase our #SPREADINGSWEETLOVE

Our OG box is located in our online shop. This box can be shipped or picked up locally. So send some baked goods Charleston SC

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