Who is this therapy for?

Ideally for anyone who is looking to reduce menstrual pain or period cramps, regulating your menses, increase circulation to the uterus & cervix, promotes hormonal balance, improves fertility, detox the organs

How long is each session?

For Trial,
We charge a flat fee of $88 for a 45 minutes session.
For 5 Sessions,
We charge a flat fee of $1350 for a 5 x 60 minutes session. For 10 Sessions,
We charge a flat fee of $2250 for a 10 x 60 minutes session.

How many sessions do I need to go for?

Recommended at least once every month, ideally, twice a month to rebuild the body.

Is the therapy painful?

No, it is not painful, in fact is a very pleasant treatment. You should tell our therapist if you feel any discomfort.

Are there any side effects?

Our womb care therapy is innocuous to the body and very pleasant. However very sensitive skin or when very high temperatures are reached there can be some mild redness that will fade quite quickly and/or momentary tingling in the skin. Our therapist should go through this with you.

When can I see results?

You can immediately see the results after the first treatment.